This is man to man dogfight in a control line version.

Top Pilots, E/Ch '97:
Gusev, RUS,
A Beliaev, RUS

Mats Bejhem preparing for a Combat bout. (40k)

Kozyol, an Ukrainian combat engine.


In a circle laid over grass two pilots fly models that have strings with paper streamers attached to the tail. The object is to cut the opponent's streamer with your propeller, and to stay airborne. In the international class, F2D, the pilots are assisted by two mechanics each and are allowed one spare model per bout.
At the end of the 4 minute bout period, the cuts and airtime are given points and a winner of the bout is determined. The contest is run by matching competitors that haven't collected two losses until a single winner remains.
The models are able to loop/bunt at 140 km/h (90 mph) with a radius of less than 2.5 m (8 ft.) at the wiggle of your hand. That's g forces of 70 g:s!
They are at the extreme in simplicity, maneuverability and durability. Although they are strong enough to often survive ground hits at full speed, there is a considerable carnage in mid-air collisions during a competition. To enter a competition you have to bring a model stock of about half a dozen, except for the engines where three plus a spare inventory suffice if you bring equipment to clean out the soil from ground hits.

Model configuration is a flying wing with around 1 meter (3.5 ft.) span, construction is a spruce/styrofoam/balsa frame covered with mylar film. An elevator is attached directly to the wing trailing edge. With a good serial production strategy the building time of a model could come down to 8 hours. Fuel tank is made from latex rubber tubing that is inserted into a compartment in the wing and pumped with fuel to resemble a frankfurter. This 'tank' will give a constant overpressure of around 1 atmosphere to ensure that fuel is fed to the engine in all maneuvers. Model weight is around 400 grams (14 oz.). Engines are 2.5 cc glow plug type developing around 1 bhp at 30,000 rpm on a standard fuel of 70% methanol, 10% nitromethane and 20% castor oil. Lines are of 15.92 m length. (52.2 ft.)
Combat models could be the most maneuverable things made by man. (Using the number of controllable g:s as measure.)

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Tyvärr så slutade det alldeles för tvärt .Men det är reparerbart. Ska försöka fixa till den så man kan köra på rondellen hemma i kvarteret. Det är bara 6 m lina så den går att flyga nästan var som helst.


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